Saturday, 17 October 2009

Bob Pepper

This morning I was listening to an audiobook of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and looking for classic sheep covers for a Philip K. Dick gallery. Over at Flickr, I discovered above cover scan posted by Josh Burggraf. "What a coincidence", I thought, as Josh is a rather talented American artist who has contributed a number of illustrations to Kirby-Vision.

Josh's had also posted twenty-one other covers by the same artist: Bob Pepper. I wasn't familiar with the name and decided to investigate further via Google. Disappointingly, information was scarce but I did find these rather nice scans of his covers for Michael Moorecock's Legends at the End of Time and Harlan Ellison's Ellison Wonderland.

It was only when I found this short article at Feuilleton did I glean any info about Bob's thirty year career. In that time Bob became well known for his book and album covers and for creating the artwork to the Dark Tower and Dragonmaster games, but his most famous work is perhaps this little beauty...

...which of course contains the track, Maybe the People Would be the Times or Between Clark and Hilldale, after which this humble blog is named. Oh, Internet, what circles you weave.

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