Monday, 14 June 2010

Al Williamson 1931-2010

Legendary comic book artist Al Williamson passed away on Saturday the 12th at the age of 79. Williamson began his career at EC comics in 1952 where his work appeared in such seminal titles as Weird Science and Weird Fantasy. He soon forged a reputation as one of the industry's premier science fiction/fantasy artists, a title he cemented with his long associations with the worlds of Flash Gordon and the Star Wars universe.

I will always remember Williamson for the stunning work he did on the Marvel Comics' adaption of Blade Runner. I first saw Blade Runner at the cinema on it's original release in 1982. It became, and still is, my all time favorite movie.

I would often take the opportunity to rent the home video but it was a good ten years before I owned my own copy of the film. The two issue adaption that Williamson produced, along with writer Archie Goodwin and fellow artists Carlos Garzon and Dan Green, perfectly captured the gritty world of Los Angeles 2019 and kept the movie alive for me in those intervening years.

I still treasure those well thumbed issues of Blade Runner and I'm indebted to Williamson for the marvellous job he did on them and the joy they brought me. Farewell to one of the greats.

You can read the comic adaption of Blade Runner in full at
black & white images via comic art fans/all star auctions


Bob Andelman said...

Learn more about legendary comics artist Al Williamson in this Mr. Media interview with his friend and artist Mark Schultz, in which he discusses the book Al Williamson’s Flash Gordon: A Lifelong Vision of the Heroic.

Jason Garrattley said...

Cool show, Bob. Thanks for the link.