Sunday, 10 July 2011

to be continued...

Regular visitors to blog will have noticed the erratic schedule of posts lately. It has become increasingly difficult to find the time to keep up with my RSS feeds and do the research that comes with regular posting. I have therefore decided to put BC&H on hold for the next few weeks as I re-think the future of the blog. There's every possibility this blog will morph into something completely different and I hope to be making an announcement very soon. In the meantime please take a look at my other corners of the blogosphere:

Hosted by The Jack Kirby Museum, Kirby- Vision is a tribute art blog dedicated to the work and concepts of “The King of Comics”, Jack Kirby.

My Tumblr site dedicated to the ever expanding world Doctor Who artwork - Ancient and Forever

and finally my Tumblr scrapbook, where I indulge myself with a collection of comic art, 60's iconography and the odd music track - Nineteen Sixty-Nine, Baby