Monday, 30 August 2010

2000 AD Week: Brian Bolland

Stalwart British weekly 2000 AD hits Prog 1700 this week. So to celebrate I'll be posting a week of rare bits & pieces from the archives (well, some old fanzines from the loft) from some of the cornerstone creators of the magazines' early years.
First up we have Brain Bolland. All of these images were taken from #13/14 of Arken Sword, published in 1985, which featured an extensive interview with Bolland about his involvement with the fanzine movement of the early 70's, his break-through into published comics and the production of his first major work for American market, DC's Camelot 3000.
Of particular interest is the reproduction of these sample pages from three strips submitted to D.C. Thompson in 1976. Above we have a page from 'The Box' which was printed in an issue of The Wizard, the others stories were unfortunately rejected.

Nowadays Bolland is one of the premier cover artists in the industry. Below, you will find a superb cover from 1988 created for The Comics Journal #122, an issue that focused on British comic scene and the invasion of 2000 AD creators who were then storming the States.

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