Sunday, 7 April 2013

Whatever happened to...?

Despite promising to " more tracks over the coming weeks..." it's been over 3 months since my last blogpost. The reason behind this inactivity has been the decision to go back to the drawing board with the Drunk Beatles project. I was brimming with the enthusiasm of posting two finished pieces over the Christmas holiday when I started drawing track two, but I was very unhappy with the results. It was just dull and lifeless and lacked that spark of spontaneity that had inhabited the original concept sketches. So since then I've gone back and redesigned the characters and overhauled the composition of the "tracks" and I'm relatively happy with the results. Below are just a sample of some of the 'new' concept sketches. Hopefully, I'll now be able to attack the finished artwork when my free time allows and post the results here with an improved regularity.

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