Wednesday, 2 May 2018


With plans to take my artwork out on the road I’ve made a few changes here at the blog. I’ve deleted all of the inspiration posts to focus purely on upcoming projects. Over the next few months I’ll be releasing a series of zines which collect my music and pop culture artwork under an imprint titled: PLAY RECORD.

Planned titles include:

#Inktober 2017: Bassists of the 70s.

#JanuBowie - the ever changing David Bowie in 31 daily illustrations.

A Bolan Tarot - Marc Bolan/T.Rex songs starring a host of 1970s TV/music icons.

Plus the resurrection of an old project featuring four lads from Liverpool.

I’m extremely excited about producing this first batch of zines and plan to table them at upcoming events as well as sell them via Etsy. I’ll also be selling prints and original artwork once all of the stars align.

Expect lots of activity here over the next few months and be sure to follow my Twitter and Instagram feeds for news and links also.

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