Friday, 3 September 2010

2000 AD Week: Alan Davis

We conclude our week long celebration of 2000 AD with a look at some rare artwork by Alan Davis. Davis' time on The Galaxy's Greatest Comic was rather short, contributing to just two series, Harry Twenty on the High Rock and D.R. & Quinch. It's testament to Davis' high regard as an artist that both of these series now form part of Rebellion's current move into the U.S. graphic novel market. All of the following images were taken from the British fanzine Arken Sword, #17/18 published in 1986.
Davis had already made his name on Captain Britain and Marvelman before his short stint at 2000 AD. D.R. & Quinch continued his successful partnership with writer Alan Moore.
The original, realistic version of D.R. & Quinch.

D.R. & Quinch T-Shirt design.

Harry Twenty proved to be a gritty departure for Davis after a couple of years of drawing sleek superheroes. When compared to his subsequent superhero work for Marvel and D.C. Davis' time at 2000 AD marks a distinct and unique period in his career.

After a memorable run on Batman and the Outsiders and Detective Comics Davis returned to 2000 AD in 1988 for his only Judge Dredd story, the mocking "Bat Mugger" published in Prog 585.

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