Wednesday, 1 September 2010

2000 AD Week: Kevin O'Neill

2000 AD Week continues with a selection of rare Kevin O'Neill artwork, which originally appeared in the Anglo/American fan magazine BEM, issue 35 from Spring 1982.
Beneath a startling cover, by the man who was to become the first artist to be banned by the Comics Code, lay a Pat Mills interview and a feature on the making of Nemesis The Warlock, both of which were accompanied by these original illustrations by O'Neill.

An unused cover sketch for the first Nemesis story, Terror Tube.
And finally, O'Neill's original pencils and inks from the four page story that introduced Great Uncle Baal and his familiar Grobbendonk, published in Prog 229.


Mark Kardwell said...

Fantastic stuff.

Colin Smith said...

May I just second Mark's comment above. This is indeed fantastic stuff & I'm grateful to you for putting it up here.