Sunday, 25 September 2011

Crimson Bolt Kicks Kick-Ass Ass

I got to see James Gunn's Super a few days ago which I enjoyed immensely. It has a similar premise as Kick-Ass - What would really happen if a normal person began dressing up as a superhero and fighting crime? - but whereas Kick-Ass quickly succumb to the fetishism of the genre, Super is grounded in the utter desperation of Rainn Wilson's character Frank AKA The Crimson Bolt.
Frank's misguided conscience and brutal methodology certainly asks more of it's audience than Kick-Ass' never-ending weaponry catalogue. It's a great little film and very funny with it. There are fabulous performances from Wilson and Juno's Ellen Page as the comic shop assistant cum sidekick, Boltie. If you are more Fantagraphics than you are Marvel you may well like it too.

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