Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Me Elsewhere

A couple of things of mine that have recently turned up on other blogs.
First up is my rendition of a Jack Kirby panel for Anthony Vukojevich's Repaneled blog. The original (below - just in case there's any confusion) is from an old Thor story in Journey into Mystery #93.
Next up is have a straight copy of Scott Pilgrim vol.4 drawn with a Sharpie in 4.38 mins for Tim (& Grace) Miner's 5 Minute Marvels blog. The blog encourages parents and siblings to take five minutes out of the day and sit and draw together.
Here's my Daughter Eden’s version, she took a little longer than 5 minutes because she wanted to add Ramona’s roller boots (ever the fashionista). What I love about Edie's version is by swapping the characters we now focus on Ramona’s exasperation, which is the same look Edie gives me when I'm being a silly Daddy.

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